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All Together Now!

Congratulations to the Daily Mail’s Damian Thompson for bucking the current trend and daring to critique the BBC’s toe-curlingly dreadful edition of Songs of Praise from the refugee camp known as ‘The Jungle’. (A BBC Stunt Gone Wrong, 16th August) The Corporation’s clumsy exploitation of Calais-Gate so that it could wallow in politically correct Sturm und Drang plumbed new depths of bad taste by even the Beeb’s own biased standards. With a nod to our national mouthpiece’s own Wolf Hall, those achingly right-on clergymen like the Rev Giles Fraser should take a leaf out of Thomas More’s book. Sir Thomas, you may remember, sent Cromwell’s blood pressure through the roof by remaining shtum when he was required to help with a spot of Tudor PR: “His silence is deafening all Europe ”. Would to Heaven that the trendy clerics conga-ing to Calais hell-bent on inviting desperate migrants to Feel Their Pain could emulate More’s restraint. One should be thankful that viewers were at least spared the sight of a Group Hug!

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