Book Sixteen in the Markham Series - Crime in Carton Hall


May 10th

DI Markham is looking forward to a trouble-free Christmas holiday with no murders on his patch.

But then the body of local lothario Charles Larrain turns up poisoned at local country house Carton Hall and it appears just about everyone wanted him dead.

As other poisonings follow in quick succession, the team uncover disturbing facts about the dysfunctional family at the Hall and must deal with a secretive local community which closes ranks against the police.

Faced with a killer who is always one step ahead, Markham has to think the unthinkable and learns that the countryside is far deadlier than he could ever have imagined.

DS George Noakes's last outing with CID is one that none of his colleagues will ever forget!

Book Seventeen in the Markham Series - Crime in the Twilight




Who on earth would want to target a care home?

DI Markham faces his most baffling case yet when murder comes calling at the genteel Rosemount Retirement Home.

After Andrée Clark, former ballerina and darling of the gossip columns, is found dead in her room, Markham and his team find the fun is only just beginning.

Working with his old ally George Noakes, now security manager at Rosemount, Markham fights to uncover the truth while fending off his superiors’ attempts to side-line the investigation.

All the team are back, plus a newbie – but Markham isn’t sure whether or not to trust the latest recruit! Only time will tell….

Book Eighteen in the Markham Series - Crime in the Boutique



They say marriages are made in heaven, so DI Markham is baffled when murder strikes a local bridal store.


Flamboyant dress designer and minor celebrity Gino Everard has courted controversy and attracted plenty of column inches over the years, but he is practically a local institution.


This looks like murder without a motive.


But as the bodies pile up, Markham and the team uncover deadly secrets festering beneath the bridal froth.


Former DS George Noakes, now on civvy street, is on hand to help. When daughter Natalie becomes embroiled in the case, things get personal!