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Book Twenty-two in the Markham Series - Crime in the Tower.




The Tower of London is famous for ghosts, headless bodies and
grisly remains. Nobody ever imagines that murder still stalks its ancient portals

Margaret Esdaile, a curator researching the Princes in the Tower,
is found strangled in her office.

DI Markham is looking forward to some well-earned leave when he is
drawn into the investigation. The mystery deepens as he follows a trail which leads to the unsolved disappearance of two children more than a decade earlier.

Is a child killer at the root of this evil?

George Noakes, now a private investigator, is on hand to help along
with the rest of the team. As strange happenings multiply, it seems the Tower’s violent and
bloody past haunts those who work and live there.

Can Markham and the gang find a way through a web of guilty secrets and jealous intrigues to uncover the truth?

Book Twenty-three in the Markham Series - Crime in the Park.




Easter in historic Hollingrove Park is usually a fun time for families.

But this year a shadow hangs over the attractions after two brutal murders in
quick succession.

Tony Pardoe is related to the family that once owned the estate but ends up
strangled next to the Hollingworth Stones, a neolithic monument in the grounds.

Then one of his friends is found stabbed to death and panic sets in….

With the park playing host to a Druid society, DI Gilbert Markham has to tread
carefully for fear of offending the local community.

With the help of their old ally ex-DS George Noakes, the team races to uncover
the park’s secrets.

Under intense pressure from his superiors, can Markham solve the mystery
in time?

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