Book Eighteen in the Markham Series - Crime in the Boutique



They say marriages are made in heaven, so DI Markham is baffled when murder strikes a local bridal store.


Flamboyant dress designer and minor celebrity Gino Everard has courted controversy and attracted plenty of column inches over the years, but he is practically a local institution.


This looks like murder without a motive.


But as the bodies pile up, Markham and the team uncover deadly secrets festering beneath the bridal froth.


Former DS George Noakes, now on civvy street, is on hand to help. When daughter Natalie becomes embroiled in the case, things get personal!

Book Nineteen in the Markham Series - Crime in the High Street




Medway High Street in Bromgrove isn’t anyone’s idea of a serial killer’s hunting ground, so DI Markham and the team have their work cut out when the murder of an elderly woman triggers a spate of violent deaths.

As the body count mounts, it begins to look as though they are up against an adversary who simply enjoys killing.

Not that there is any shortage of suspects. Everywhere the detectives look – from popular Italian restaurant to controversial healing centre – they uncover secrets and lies.

All the team are back, including irrepressible George Noakes. But this is a case that will test their ingenuity to the utmost.

Nowhere is as scary as suburbia!