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Crime In The Convent is the third in a series of contemporary crime novels which feature DI Gilbert Markham and his teacher girlfriend Olivia Mullen.  When the serenity of St Cecilia’s Church where Olivia regularly worships is shattered by a series of killings, some very ugly secrets are brought to light. Markham, assisted by his loyal deputy DS George Noakes, battles establishment hostility and wrestles with one of his most disturbing investigations. Following a complex trail of wrongdoing, he discovers evidence of dark deeds that have long lain dormant and exposes a sinister history of greed and thwarted passions that led to murder. Fraud, family secrets and festering hatred combine to bring about an explosive denouement. Three victims meet a grisly end, and his girlfriend comes face to face with evil in an unexpected quarter, before Markham finally uncovers the chilling truth and unravels the mystery of St Cecilia's in a devastating climax. Lives are changed forever in this latest outing for the DI and his team.

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