Featured Review: Crime In The Choir (Book 1)

Powerful stuff.


This one took my breath away with its beautiful writing, insight into feelings, wonderfully appealing characters and dark as dark can be crime at a church choir school, a sensitive but strong detective and his level headed sergeant. Add in a lovely girlfriend, thrilling peril for people you get to love and I was overwhelmed. Be a hard story to top but I can't wait. Thoroughly recommended. Best read for ages.

Margaret Chalmers

Featured Review: Crime In The School (Book 2)

Crime in the School is a read for this month over a the Kindle English Mystery Club on Goodreads. This is actually number 2 in the Detective Markham series. I really enjoyed this, the tagline said “fiercely addictive crime thriller” and it wasn’t lying. I didn’t want to put it down. Detective Markham and his team of Noakes and young Burton develop a nice sense of loyalty and there is a chemistry among the members of the team. The relationship between Markham and Olivia while rocky seems to be developing as best as it can amidst the chaos of multiple murders.

In this installment, Olivia is working at school and one night when leaving after working late she almost falls over the corpse of a brutally murdered colleague. Markham and his team are set to investigate even as forces are working against their investigation. Nicely developed sense of menace in the setting and well drawn characters. Even ones that don’t figure prominently seem to be given enough attention to be fleshed out. Very good police procedural!


Featured Review: Crime In The Convent (Book 3)

Another very gripping story. The characters get more rounded in each subsequent book. This story is taught and well paced, nice meeting Muriel, Sergeant Noakes’s better half, adds a bit of comedy to some very bleak situations. Definitely highly recommended.

Michael Samuel Bruff

Featured Review: Crime In The Hospital (Book 4)

Toxic medicine.


A well written, well plotted thriller. A dog walker finds a skeleton which turns out to be the body of a missing doctor who worked in a locked ward psychiatric hospital. The hospital has a bad history and our chief detective has been told of more scandal, patients disappearing and a senior policeman involved. As usual Inspector Markham employs his intelligence, his sensitivity and past experience in being personally abused as a child to find the killer and deal with his fey pre-Raphaelite partner who has a secret which is corroding their relationship. He is supported by his faithful Falstaffian sidekick and together with the addition of newer, younger members to the team they find the killer. This is an excellent addition to this series and highly enjoyable. Thoroughly recommended. Truly thrilling.

Margaret Chalmers

Featured Review: Crime In The Ballet (Book 5)

Catherine Moloney has penned another winner with Crime in the Ballet. Detective Inspector Gilbert Markham and his team are trying to solve a series of murders in a ballet company. So many suspects, so many prima donas, it's a very complicated case for the team. Highly recommended.

Jean Williams

Featured Review: Crime In The Gallery (Book 6)

I liked the interaction between Noakes and Markham. One a real down to earth gritty type and the other with an interest in the arts showing off his education in a nice way. A murder with twists and turns along the way and interesting characters. A slightly longer book than most of this type which didn’t detract at all as there was plenty going on in every chapter. An interesting read, a clever premise and one with wonderful characters in the two lead roles. (although one of a series this does stand alone)

An enjoyable read on a rainy day.

Nicki's Book Blog

Featured Review: Crime In The Heat (Book 7)

Heated Chase. 


Another excellent thriller in this series. A female body is found in the medical part of a centre and several more follow. So far so usual. On the hunt is our usual quarter of darkly Byronic brooding detective, grubby loyal Falstaffian assistant, rising female acolyte and ginger male plod. Usual classical quotes from the gorgeous one, ditto his psychic sensitivity with the dead but with increasing frequency there are references to past and present celebrities and old and new cinema/telly/paperbacks. Less of the floaty, annoyingly ethereal girlfriend who is becoming increasingly wet but more of the formidable mighty Mrs. Noakes of whom I am becoming increasingly fond. I understand new stories are forecast and I would love one to feature the ballroom dancing Noakes and murder most foul.

Margaret Chalmers

Featured Review: Crime At Home (Book 8)

Another Great Story.


Another great story in the Inspector Markham series.Great characters with plenty of twists and turns and an ending that I did not see coming. It had me gripped right to the.

Mr Kenneth L Mullen


Featured Review: Crime In The Ballroom (Book 9)

I really enjoyed this book. Catherine Moloney is a new author to me and I'm looking forward to reading more of her books.

The story is well thought out, well balanced, contains life-like characters: my favourite being George - DS "Noakesy" Noakes - he brings some humour to an otherwise serious book - I mean you can't get any more serious than a killer on the loose and dead bodies piling up. George is salt of the earth and extremely loyal and he says it as it is. I think that him and Gil Markham work well together and George would definitely have your back!

This case is very close to home for George: his daughter was due to have ballroom lessons at the place where the some of the crimes take place.
I was intrigued as to the connection between the victims and what was the motive for the killings.

A young man has been missing for years, last seen around the area of the recent killings. Could his disappearance be somehow connected?
With secrets, plenty of drama, a great storyline, this really had me thinking and was highly entertaining. This is a must read and I will definitely be reading more from this author.


Featured Review: Crime In The Book Club (Book 10)



This series is great! D I Gil Markham and his CID team investigate a series of murders, using police procedure, team work, intellect, and ability to determine truth from falsehood! Characters are wonderful and their relationships have developed throughout this series. Each new book is like a visit with old friends!


Featured Review: Crime In The College (Book 11)



Our police team is attending a conference at a college in Oxford when a skeleton is found buried in rubble under a stairway. DI Markham, a former student, is in charge of murder inquiry. Lots of former students now hold high positions so there is a plethora of suspects! More murders follow, in this extremely intricate, involved murder investigation. Lots of past events and sins are exposed, leading to a dramatic conclusion!


Featured Review: The Detective Markham Mysteries (Books 1-8)



Loved the series--- read first 8 books in order over the past week! Wonderful escape while isolating during pandemic! All major characters are great and their working relationships and friends are vital part of each mystery! Great police procedurals but have a few blurred lines while avoiding their abrasive, incompetent DCI. Terrific author--- never once determined murderer until conclusion!



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