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A Winning Formula

The current craze for adult colouring-in and painting-by-numbers has left many people bemused (certainly puts a whole new complexion on Fifty Shades of Grey!). Apparently this new fad derives from our misty-eyed reversion to the stress-free pleasures of a (prehistoric) age when children were children and Titty from Swallows and Amazons did not need to be rechristened Tatty to avert a chorus of knowing sniggers. Truly Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be!

Perhaps this formulaic approach is the key to runaway broadcasting success The Great British Bake Off , which continues to hold the nation in thrall. In an increasingly troubled and uncertain world, there is comfort to be had in knowing that we can always count on Mel ’n Sue performing their Girls of St Trinian’s double act while Mary B disseminates lady-like good cheer in a Queen Mum sort of way and sultry Paul does his diamond-in-the-bit-of-rough smoulder (though his ‘bromance’ with doppelganger Paul Jagger bowled viewers a googly!). Although commentators have deplored the achingly right-on credentials of contestants, Bake Off’s special magic transcends any PC social engineering. They’re all so damn nice! I for one will continue to crave my weekly Sugar Fix!

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